Fain Tech is your technology partner, able to accompany your business along all the IT-related tasks. We are able to:

  • build your system from scratch; if you already have your system, then let us take a look in how it could be optimized and simplified; we believe that IT systems should stay as simple as possible

  • interface your system with your partners; our experience at some of the biggest actors in western companies comes in handy to fulfil your needs

  • identify and choose your best fit solution from the market players; we know how to work with solution providers in order to build prototypes or integrate your solutions with your IT-system

  • custom build state of the art applications, using latest open source technologies; with us you’ll never encounter vendor lock-ins

If all this seems interesting to you, then just drop us a line! We’ll be very glad to help you with your next cool idea!


We believe in Linux and mobile systems and are able to cover all the related technologies. With us you’ll run the simplest, yet more advanced, technologies such as Scala, NodeJS, Python and AngularJS. And for critical systems, you’ll get some excellent C++ code. But these technologies are only listed here as an illustration. Just check with us and let us build your next awesome solution!

As an example of simplicity, this website is built using Asciidoctor and written with vim.

Fain Tech srl
Headquarter: Str Moldoveni, nr 6, Bloc 59, Sc 3, Ap 31, Sector 4, 040963 Bucuresti, ROMANIA
ONRC: J40/7988/2015
CUI: 34715441